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Internal Auditor

Internal audits of your Food Safety Management System are crucial to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory bodies or GFSI schemes. our 4-hour Internal Auditor course is designed to aid beginner or pro Food Safety Professionals with the development, implementation, and optimization of Internal Audit programs.

Food Label Compliance

This 4-hour Food Label Compliance is designed to provide a comprehensive look at the regulatory requirements related to all aspects of food labels. Regulatory requirements for USDA and FDA are covered depending on registered attendee needs.

Packaging and Brand Design

Need help with marketing, design, or packaging aspects of your business? This training option is perfect for companies or employees who could benefit from learning more about consumer preferences associated with the design and packaging of food products.

Pest Management Basics

An effective Pest Mangement Program is an essential piece of any Food Safety Management system. Our Ph.D level entomologist will provide a comprehensive look at the importance of such a program.

Food Fraud & Food Defense

Preventing intentional adulteration of food products is a responsibility that all food manufacturers hold. This training introduces strategies to maintain food product integrity until the consumer takes possession.

New Poultry Inspection System (NPIS)

The New Poultry Inspection System provides qualified poultry integrator the opportunity to take greater ownership of poultry inspection. This training is ideal for facilities transitioning to NPIS.

Intro to Food Microbiology

This Intro to Food Microbiology training will focus on major areas of food microbiology that are applicable to all food manufacturers.

Advanced Food Microbiology

The advanced version of Intro to Food Microbiology. This course is designed to give a thorough understanding of more advanced microbiology topics and related strategies for food manufacturers.

Environmental and Food Product Sampling

An effective Environmental Monitoring and Food Testing program play a major role in the verification of critical control points. The implementation of these programs are introduced in this training along with factors to consider while doing both.

Intro to Meat Fermentation

The evolution of consumer preference paired with a long history of meat production provides unique opportunities for meat processors to make niche products including those that rely on fermentation. Our expert meat scientist is available to introduce considerations and best practices to meat fermentation.

Manufacturing and Sanitation

An effective Food Safety Management System start with the basics: GMPs and sanitation programs. This training dives into the requirements and considerations for each. These topics provide a foundation upon which a complete Food Safety System can be built on.

Accredited HACCP

HACCP Assurance Services is proud to offer HACCP training that is accredited by the International HACCP Alliance. In this training, preliminary steps to HACCP implementation and the 7 HACCP principles are introduced. This training is excellent for supervisors, management, quality assurance/control techs, and maintenance team members.

Advanced HACCP

HACCP Assurance Services is proud to offer Advanced HACCP training that is accredited by the International HACCP Alliance. In this 6-hour training, a brief review of HACCP concepts leads into a detail engaged discussion related to validation and verification activities. A working understanding of HACCP is recommended prior to participation in this course.

PSA Grower Training

The Accredited Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training is an 8-hour training that introduces best practices and important considerations when processing produce.

SQF Basics

Is your facility considering or preparing for an SQF audit? This training course is designed to break down the requirements of the scheme in a way that makes implementation a breeze! This 6-hour training is adaptable to ensure that the topics covered are inclusive and relevant to registered attendees.

BRC Basics

Preparing your facility for a BRC audit? This 6-hour training will cover relevant scheme requirements for all who are in attendance. The requirements are broken down and presented with implementation in mind. That way you are not overwhelmed with information, but rather complete the training with an action plan that prepares you and your team for success!

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